Nursery – we say goodbye to the chicks

This week we have once again been very busy with chicks.
We created a small run for the chicks in the classroom so that the children could look more closely at them and handle them if they wanted to! We also created observational pictures of the chicks using oil pastels. We have now said goodbye to the chicks as they leave us to go to their ‘forever homes’. We received a certificate congratulating us on our chick hatching experience. Four of the chicks are moving to Mr Liddell’s house (our caretaker) to join the three chickens he already has. We know they will be well looked after and Mr Liddell has assured us he will bring them back to school when they have grown so that the children can see how they have changed.




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Nursery – parents meet the chicks

Thank you to all the grown ups that came into Nursery this morning to meet the chicks. I heard lots of children telling their grown ups about the hatching process, the incubator, the brooder box and much more!
As the last two eggs in the incubator showed no sign of activity 24 hours after the emergence of the last hatched egg, they are assumed unsuccessful.
Nursery have named two more of the chicks; Ben and Tinkerbell who have joined Oliver and Fluffball. We are waiting for Reception to name the remaining three chicks.
We have learnt so much this week about chicks and how to take care of them. Next week we will continue to focus on the chicks and will be saying goodbye to them next Friday. We will happily welcome you back into the classroom next Friday morning at 8:45am to see them again.
The chicks will enjoy a road trip this weekend to stay with Mrs Alderton. Have a lovely weekend.


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Nursery chick update

We now have seven healthy chicks which have been moved from the incubator to a brooder box where they will remain for the rest of their time with us. They are feeding and drinking well and chirping away happily!
Unfortunately one chick did not complete the hatching process and died. In Nursery we talked about how the chick had not been strong enough, we said a prayer and asked God to take good care of the chick. The children in Reception class buried the chick in the prayer garden.


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Nursery welcome chicks!

When the teachers arrived at school this morning two chicks had already hatched out of their shells. We were lucky enough to watch as the third and forth chicks made their way into the world. When the Nursery children arrived they were full of egg-citement as they discovered that the animals inside the eggs were indeed chicks!

Nursery had the responsibility of naming two of the chicks and we decided on Fluffball and Oliver. We talked about the life-cycle of a chicken and the children were full of questions about the chicks!

What an egg-citing morning!


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Nursery get a special delivery!

This morning was very exciting as we had a delivery of 10 eggs to the Foundation Stage.
In Nursery we spent the morning wondering what type of animal is growing inside and there were a lot of suggestions including chicks, mice, lions and dinosaurs! We then thought about which animals lay eggs and which animals do not. We looking forward to the next couple of days when the animals will begin to hatch out and we will finally discover what’s inside!



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Nursery celebrate Shrove Tuesday

We celebrated shrove Tuesday today in Nursery. We talked about Lent being a time for us to grow in love as we wait for Easter. Your child has taken home a Lenten promise leaf today, please take the time to fill it out with your child thinking about a suitable promise that they can try to stick to throughout the period of Lent. Please return the leaf as soon as possible so that your child can add it to our Lenten tree in class.
We also thought about the ‘p’ sound today and made some alliteration pancakes – we had some funny toppings including pasta, pepperoni pizza and pineapple.
We couldn’t let today go by without making and tasting real pancakes! What a busy day!!




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Nursery bus!

Over the last few weeks in Nursery we have had a bus theme. We read the story of The Hundred Decker Bus. This inspired us to create our own buses out of junk modelling materials. The children decided how many decks high they would like their buses to be – there was a lot of cardboard boxes and glue involved and the children had a great time creating their masterpieces!
We also set up a bus role play area which has offered lots of mathematical learning opportunities from ticket buying to counting children on and off the bus. The children have enjoyed taking on the role of driver as well as passengers and we have used our imaginations to take us on some bus journeys to fabulous destinations!





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Nursery – E-Safety day

On Wednesday this week we were talking about keeping safe online. We read the story of Smartie the penguin who had received a tablet for his birthday and he needed help with lots of different things. The story, accompanied by a song, encouraged us to talk about how important it is to keep safe online.

To hear the story visit Parents may wish to share the story with their child and talk about the story together.

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Nursery’s travelling crib

As we are celebrating the first week of Advent the children in Nursery are busy thinking about how to get ready for the birthday of Jesus at Christmas. We are sharing a travelling crib, with each child having the opportunity to take nativity figures home to share with their family for the evening. The figures are finger puppets which will not only help to develop your child’s fine motor skills but will also encourage the development of speaking and listening skills. Children have the opportunity to be creative, use their imagination to retell the story of Jesus’ birth as well as having fun playing alongside a family member. When you receive the travelling crib you will find a book enclosed for you to add any comments about what your child has done with the nativity figures that evening.
The children are all very keen to play with the nativity figures and are looking forward to their turn to take the travelling crib home.
I hope you enjoy sharing the travelling crib with your child.


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Nursery and 2D shapes

We have been thinking about shapes in Nursery over the last few weeks. Last Wednesday we went on a shape hunt around the school looking for different objects that were the following shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle and hexagon. We have been describing the shapes and thinking about the number of sides and corners the shapes have.
This week we had an exciting ‘shape snack’ with savoury crackers in the shape of triangles, circles and hexagons. There are so many exciting ways to learn about shapes!
Maybe you could look our for shapes at home or even in the outdoor environment; pointing out shapes and playing ‘I spy shapes’ is fun and I would enjoy seeing any photos or pictures of shapes that the children have spotted!







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